Friday, July 20, 2012

Plantation Reality - Two Classic Homes a short drive from New Orleans

The Calgary Herald - Saturday, June 23, 2012
Rebellious teenagers, helicopter parents, conspicuous consumption, civil unrest, social upheaval and economic collapse - sound familiar? - welcome to Plantation Reality.  On the south bank of the muddy Mississippi you can find two very different plantations, one Creole and one American.  Each one is a fine example of antebellum Louisiana and you can easily visit both of them on a day trip from New Orleans.            

Laura Plantation is one of the few remaining examples of the raised cottage style that defined Creole architecture.  While touring the fully furnished house, gardens, outbuildings and slave cottages on a 90 minute walk, you'll be entertained by enthusiastic tour guides.  They've dug up the dirt on four generations of stong willed businesswomen, their scheming relatives, rowdy young sons, defiant daughters and saintly aunts.  This is also where you'll hear in depth stories about the lives and living conditions of the slaves.  Lonely Planet calls this the "best history tour in the USA". 

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